Best Lego Sets to Invest in 2024

Lego is becoming more popular in these days than ever before. Its building kits are getting better and better and especially those from the Lego Technic collection are well made and funny to build. But have you ever thought about investing in Lego when buying it as a toy for your children? Specially large Lego Star Wars sets are good to invest in. Let’s have a look at different Lego building kits which are excellent for investment in 2024.

1. Lego Icons 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

Lego The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

The first Lego building kit I would like to introduce to you is Lego Icons The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set. It is a new exclusive set that was released in March 2023. This large & detailed model consists of 6,167 pieces, which qualifies it among the 10 biggest Lego sets ever sold. It also comes with 15 minifigures that include famous fellowship movie characters such as Frodo Baggins, Aragorn, Arwen, Gimli, and others. The dimensions of the final model are 29.5″ (75 cm) wide, 15″ (39 cm) high, and 19.5″ (50 cm) deep. This Lego kit is a real masterpiece and a must-have for every Lego collector.

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2. Lego Star Wars 75367 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser

Lego Star Wars Venator-Class Republic

If you are a huge Star Wars fan, you will appreciate this premium building kit from the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. The model of the starship Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser brings premium features like the command bridge or the typical striking red stripes that you may know from the Star Wars movie. It is one of the largest Star Wars Lego sets that consists of 5,374 pieces. It also comes with 2 minifigures; Admiral Yularen and Captain Rex. The model is 12.5 inches (32 cm) high, 21 inches (54 cm) wide and 43 inches (109 cm) long. So it is a pretty large Lego model with over one meter length. This exclusive building kit also contains a stand with a nameplate and that makes it a perfect display piece.

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3. Lego Harry Potter 76417 Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collector’s Edition

Lego Gringotts Wizarding Bank

This is a special collector’s edition Harry Potter Lego set. It features the Gringotts Wizarding Bank from the Harry Potter movies. It is a spectacular Lego model that includes details like a spiraling vault cart track or the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon. It also comes with 13 minifigures: 2 Harry Potter ones, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Death Eater, Rubeus Hagrid, Griphook, Bogrod, Ricbert, 2 guards, and 2 goblins. The model consists of 4,801 pieces, and it is an 18+ Lego set for adults. I believe it could be an ideal gift for any Harry Potter and Lego adult fan.

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4. Lego Star Wars 75313 AT-AT

Lego Star Wars AT-AT Set

This large Lego set is from the Star Wars collection, and it features the iconic AT-AT model from the Star Wars movie. This building kit contains 6,785 Lego bricks, so you can construct a perfectly detailed model. The designers didn’t leave it to chance and designed every little detail, such as the fully posable cockpit, rotating cannons, or an E-Web repeating blaster. There are 9 unique Star Wars minifigures in this set, including the main characters from the movie, like Luke Skywalker, 2 AT-AT Drivers, General Veers, 4 Snowtroopers, the Snowtrooper Commander, and others. This Lego set is one of the most immersive from the Star Wars collection, and it is the perfect gift for any adult Lego and Star Wars fan. It is an 18+ Lego set.

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5. Lego Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90

Lego Land Rover Defender Set

This building kit contains 2,336 Lego bricks, with which you can build a model of the iconic Land Rover Classic Defender. It is a replica of the Land Rover’s 1984 model of this famous off-road vehicle from the history. The model also has the traditional sand green color with a white roof and brown interior typical for the Land Rover SUVs. It includes all the authentic features such as working suspension, opening doors, steering and an openable hood. It also includes some smart interior details like, for example, a coffee cup. This model is ideal for anyone interested in off-road cars.

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6. Lego Technic 42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car

Lego Technic Formula 1 McLaren

If you like ultimate fast sport vehicles, you will be certainly astonished by this detailed model of the McLaren Formula 1 race car. In my opinion, it is one of the best Lego Technic models. You will be dazzled by the vivid orange & blue colors of the McLaren team and by the details such as V6 engine with movable pistons, working suspension, differential and steering. This building kit has been developed in collaboration between Lego and McLaren Racing. It is an authentic replica of the 2022 McLaren’s F1 car suitable for adults. The model consists of 1,434 bricks.

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7. Lego Ideas 21318 Tree House

Lego Ideas Tree House

Have you ever thought about designing your own Lego set? Lego decided to hold a competition and to choose the best designs from the people. Afterwards they started producing Lego Ideas sets which were designed by the Lego fans not by the designers. And this kit is one of the kits from the collection. It has 3,036 bricks and you can build a tree house like the one you used to play in when you were a little kid. Although it was designed by Lego fans it has many astonishing details like a bonfire, wind-up crane, picnic table and much more. I really like that there are two sets of leaves and you can change them on the tree as the season changes. The tree house has free separate cabins – the bedroom, bathroom, and a kids’ room.

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8. Lego Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

The fans of the Harry Potter will like this Lego set which has more than 6,000 bricks. With this building kit, you can build the castle where the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is based. The model has all the towers, turrets, chambers, classrooms, Professor Dumbledore’s office, the Great Hall and much more – shortly it has everything the castle had in the Harry Potter movies. The building set also contains many small accessories like house banners, benches, tables, flaming torches and the model features interesting functions such as moving staircases. Furthermore, you will find 4 minifigures and 27 microfigures in the box. This building kit is perfect to display but also to recreate your favorite scenes from the films.

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9. Lego Icons 10307 Eiffel Tower

Lego Icons Eiffel Tower

The next one on my list is another majestic Lego set that features the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. The final model is 58 inches (149 cm) tall, which makes it the tallest Lego set yet. The building process is divided into 4 steps, in which you will be building the 4 construction phases like the real Eiffel Tower was built. The model also features realistic & geometrically accurate details such as elevators, observation platforms, supports, railings, bracing and arches. The whole model consists of 10,001 pieces and it is an 18+ set (for adults).

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10. Lego Ninjago 71741 City Gardens

Large Lego Ninjago Castle Set

This building kit is another kit inspired by a movie, this time by Ninjago series. It is one of the kits which was designed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ninjago. The model of the ninja house or more like palace is breathtaking. It has five floors, each including something different. You can find there a Ninjago Museum of History, an ice cream shop, the ninja zone, or Chen’s Noodle House. Building this kit is a huge ride for the fans. Lego added many hidden surprises which will be appreciated only by the all-time addicts and there is also a Ninjago Fan apartment inside the house. There is vast number of bricks, so it is rewarding experience building this house. In addition, there are 19 Ninjago minifigures including the main characters like Young Lloyd, Kai, Zane, and many others.

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11. Lego Creator Expert 10295 Porsche 911

Lego Creator Expert Porsche 911 2021

If you are an ultimate fan of Porsche cars, I would really like to recommend you this Lego building kit with which you can build two Porsche models – Porsche 911 Turbo and Targa. The model was made in cooperation with Porsche manufacturer, and you will be astonished by all the different details. The model is authentic, the engine is in the back of the car and you will find a storage space in the front. If you want, to remove the roof of the car, you can store it in the front. This model is perfect for collectors and it is perfect exhibition model.

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12. Lego Icons 10294 Titanic

Lego Icons Titanic

This Lego set features the legendary Titanic ship icon. The model contains many detailed working functions such as, for example, the propellers with the piston engines inside. Other details include swimming pool, promenade deck, the ship’s bridge, boiler room, grand staircase or smoking lounge. The ocean liner is 17.5″ (44 cm) high, 53″ (135 cm) long, and 6″ (16 cm) wide. Actually, it is a 1:200 scale ship model of the real Titanic from 1912. This Lego set would be an ideal historical collectible display piece for anyone who likes both history and Lego.

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13. Lego Architecture 21042 Statue of Liberty

Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty

If you ask anyone about the name of this statue, everyone will give you the correct answer. It is a symbol of New York and for some also a symbol of the USA. With this building kit which contains more than 1,600 bricks, you can actually build this architectural piece – the Statue of Liberty. The model is perfectly detailed, and it looks almost like a piece o art. It is made in the authentic sand-green and beige color and it is perfectly detailed. The model is 17″ (44 cm) high, 5″ (14 cm) wide and 5″ (14 cm) deep and it is a perfect model to display at your home or in your office.

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Now you know the best investment collections. All of them are amazingly done, perfectly detailed and they are worth having them at home even as a decoration. You will be fascinated by all these kits and like to build them and play with them!

* The links to the Lego models mentioned on this website are affiliate links. That means that I might earn a small commission if you make a purchase of any of them. However, it will not cost you anything extra and I recommend Legos that I own or would buy myself too. Also, I cannot guarantee you that the value of these Lego sets will increase and that you will be able to find a buyer for them too.

Lego as an Investment?

UPDATE: You can view my list of the best Lego sets to invest in 2024 in this article on my blog.

If you have ever thought of Lego as an investment, read on this article. I’m going to mention in it how Lego investing works and what I think about it.

Firstly, I’d like to say that Lego sets can be a good investment. Some articles on the internet even say that Lego is a better investment than gold.

I will start with an example of mine. I bought the Lego Racers 8145 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1:10 set 14 years ago. I bought it for $300 and now it is being sold for around $1,000. You won’t find it cheaper than that. So I can say that I got lucky with this purchase, as the return of my investment could be 300% if I managed to sell it now.

Lego Ferrari Investment Set

Another example that I can mention is the Lego Technic 42063 BMW Motorbike set that my brother bought me as a Christmas gift in 2017. He bought it for $55, but now (it is 2024 as of writing this article) since this set is retired, you won’t get it for less than $140. So, in 7 years, the price of this set has almost tripled.

Lego BMW Motorbike

The third example that I can mention will be my most recent experience. I’m sure you know the famous 2016 set, the Lego Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. You could purchase this set for around $300, but since April 2020, this set got officially retired. This means that you can no longer buy it as a current Lego set. Yes, you can still buy it, but since April I haven’t found it for less than $730. I searched on both Amazon and eBay.

Lego Porsche Investing Set

How to Invest in Lego

My bet for best Lego investments are the premium Lego Technic car sets (yes, I’m a big cars fan), but you can get lucky with any other Lego set as well. From what I have seen, I can say that the price of most Lego sets usually doubles after it was discontinued by Lego. And as the time passes, it can multiply by 3 or more times (like my Ferrari set mentioned at the beginning of this article).

Also, in my opinion, you will have more success with selling your Legos stored in a not-opened, not-damaged and sealed box. It needs to be in its original packaging. So, my advice would be to not open the box, so that you can always sell the set as new. Another advice would be to find a good place to store it in your home so that it doesn’t lose value and keeps great condition.

And if you wonder which Lego sets to invest in currently, you can get inspired by me. I’m planning to definitely buy the Dom’s Dodge Charger Technic set by the end of this year. Overall, I would say that the wisest thing to do if you want to make a Lego investment, would be the following: You should buy a current Lego set that is not retired yet. Because these sets are always the cheapest ones. After buying it, just wait until it becomes retired and increases its value.

Other examples on how to make money selling Legos include investments into the Lego Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sets. These include, for example, some large Lego Star Wars spaceships collectible sets.

Or another option are Lego Seasonal sets. These are sets that are on sale only during a special season, for example, on Christmas or Valentine’s day.

You can check other article on my blog to view all current Lego sets to invest in 2024, selected from various categories.

Also, is a great website with resources dedicated to the economics of Lego. On this website, you will find even graphs of the expected annual growth of the price of all Lego sets.

Lastly, I’d like to say that I cannot predict how the Lego prices will evolve, so please don’t blame me in the future for wrong advice from this article. I’ve just summarized my own thoughts here. Also, the disadvantage of investing in Lego is that it can be quite difficult to find a buyer willing to pay $2,000 for a Lego set, so consider this as well.

Best Lego Train Sets

In today’s review, we will go through different Lego City train building kits. Trains can be really exciting for children and it is actually one of the best Lego sets I would recommend for small kids. I have chosen the best Lego City train sets so let’s start with the review.

1. Lego City 60337 Express Passenger Train

Lego City Passenger Train

The first building kit to be reviewed in today’s article is the Lego City Express Passenger Train. With this set, you can build an astonishing model of a train in green and white color scheme. The train is composed of one locomotive and two other carriages for passengers.

This Lego set contains 764 pieces, including 16 curved and 8 straight rails, with which you can build an entire circular track. Apart from the train, the building kit also contains a station platform that you can build and 6 minifigures.

You can enjoy even more fun with this train as it is motorized. You can drive the train at 10 different speeds and control the whole train via the Bluetooth remote control, which is included in the package.

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2. Lego City 60336 Freight Train

Lego City Freight Train Set

If you want to expand your collection with a freight train, this building set is perfect for you. It contains a locomotive, an open wagon, a flatcar, 2 EVs and a car carrier. It also comes with 6 minifigures. The dimensions of the assembled train are 3.5“ (9 cm) tall, 2.5“ (6 cm) wide and 35.5“ (90 cm) long.

You will find 16 straight tracks and 16 curved track pieces in this Lego set. This model is also motorized and operated by a Bluetooth remote control, similarly as the train mentioned above. It is an ideal Lego model for children, who are older than 7 years old. I believe that if I were gifted this Lego cargo train set, I would certainly be impressed with it.

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3. Lego City Switch Tracks 60238

Lego Switch Tracks

If you want to expand your Lego City train collection so that you can build better railway routes, you should buy this expansion – the additional switch tracks. In total there are six tracks – two switch tracks (one right and one left) and four curved tracks. You can connect these tracks with another building kits and make your railway kingdom even bigger.

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4. Lego City Tracks 60205

Lego City Tracks

Another possibility how to expand your railways is to add other tracks which are in this Lego kit. This building set contains eight straight, four curved and four flexible tracks. The flexible tracks, which are not normally included in the building kits, enable you to build a railroad in many different shapes and to build the rails around different obstacles.

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5. Lego Harry Potter 76405 Hogwarts Express – Collector’s Edition

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

The last model in this review is an authentic replica of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train. It is not from the Lego City collection, but from the Lego Harry Potter so it is much more detailed, and it also contains more Lego bricks – in total 5,129 pieces. The model is 10.5“ (26 cm) high, 46,5“ (118 cm) long and 8“ (20 cm) wide. Actually, it is an approximately 1:32 scale replica of a steam train.

This authentic model of the so-called Harry Potter Hogwarts Express has many interesting details like, for example, the coal tender, the engine or toad on the loose. There are also 20 minifigures included in the box, representing the characters from the Harry Potter movie. They include, for example, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy and a Dementor as well.

This building kit is the last one from my list for adults and other Harry Potter enthusiasts. It is recommended for people older than 18 years and you will definitely enjoy lots of fun when building it. Even though you can also play with this model, it is primarily made for collectors, as it contains the buildable 9 ¾ Platform as well.

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All in all, I would recommend you the Express Passenger Train and the Freight Train Lego sets as I think that your children will enjoy lots of fun with these building kits. If you want to expand your railways at your home and play even more, then you should definitely consider buying the additional tracks which enable you to build even a larger network of railways.