Best Lego Train Sets

In today’s review, we will go through different Lego City train building kits. Trains can be really exciting for children and it is actually one of the best Lego sets I would recommend for small kids. I have chosen the best Lego City train sets so let’s start with the review.

1. Lego City Passenger Train 60197

Lego Passenger Train

The first building kit do be reviewed in today’s article is the Lego City Passenger Train. With this building kit, you can build an astonishing model of train in blue and yellow color scheme. The train is composed of one locomotive and two other carriages for passengers which include seats, tables and other elements like mugs, muffins, a hot dog, etc.

This Lego sets contains 677 pieces including sixteen curved and four straight rails with which you can build a full circular track. Apart from the train, the building kit contains a platform that you can build, service map and four Lego minifigures – a train attendant, a train conductor and two passengers.

You can enjoy even more fun with this train as it is motorized. You can drive the train ten different speeds and control the whole train via the Bluetooth remote control which is included in the package.

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2. Lego City Cargo Train 60198

Lego Cargo Train

If you want to expand your collection with a cargo train, this building set is perfect for you. It contains a locomotive, a crane wagon with rotating and extendable arm, a log wagon, and a container wagon with two containers. Besides the train, there is also an armored truck and a forklift in the box. There is also a control tower.

You can find sixteen curved rails and sixteen straight rails in the building set to construct a full track. There is also railroad switch with lever so that you can make different routes for the train. Even more, you will get a wrench, gold bar element, money bills, pallets, logs, a snow scooter and six minifigures. This model is also motorized and controlled by a Bluetooth remote control as the train mentioned above.

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3. Lego City Switch Tracks 60238

Lego Switch Tracks

If you want to expand your Lego City train collection so that you can build better railway routes, you should buy this expansion – the additional switch tracks. In total there are six tracks – two switch tracks (one right and one left) and four curved tracks. You can connect these tracks with another building kits and make your railway kingdom even bigger.

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4. Lego City Tracks 60205

Lego City Tracks

Another possibility how to expand your railways is to add other tracks which are in this Lego kit. This building set contains eight straight, four curved and four flexible tracks. The flexible tracks, which are not normally included in the building kits, enable you to build a railroad in many different shapes and to build the rails around different obstacles.

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5. Lego Creator Expert Crocodile Locomotive 10277

Lego Crocodile Locomotive

The last model of this review is not meant for children but mainly for adults. It is a model of a locomotive inspired by the Class Ce 6/8 II locomotive. It is a historical piece which was first build between 1919 and 1927 and it was used by the Swiss Federal Railways.

It is not from the Lego City collection, but from the Lego Creator so it is much more detailed, and it also contains more Lego bricks – in total 1271 pieces. The model is 6” (16 cm) high, 20.5” (52 cm) long and 3.5” (8 cm) wide.

This authentic model of so-called Crocodile Locomotive has posable pantographs so that you can move them up and down and you can lift the roof to explore the interior of the model. There are two minifigures included in the box.

Moreover, you can add on the Powered Up components (which are not included in this building set) to motorize the locomotive. I believe that after adding these components you will love this model and it expands the possibilities how to play with it.

This building kit is the best one for adults and other train enthusiasts. It is recommended for people older than 18 years and you will definitely enjoy lots of fun when building it. Even though you can also play with this model, it is made for collectors, so it contains a display track and a plaque with information about this locomotive.

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All in all, I would recommend you the Passenger Train and the Cargo Train Lego sets as I think that your children will enjoy lots of fun with these building kits. If you want to expand your railways at your home and play even more, then you should definitely consider buying the additional tracks which enable you to build even a larger network of railways.

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