Lego as an Investment?

UPDATE: You can view my list of the best Lego sets to invest in 2024 in this article on my blog.

If you have ever thought of Lego as an investment, read on this article. I’m going to mention in it how Lego investing works and what I think about it.

Firstly, I’d like to say that Lego sets can be a good investment. Some articles on the internet even say that Lego is a better investment than gold.

I will start with an example of mine. I bought the Lego Racers 8145 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1:10 set 14 years ago. I bought it for $300 and now it is being sold for around $1,000. You won’t find it cheaper than that. So I can say that I got lucky with this purchase, as the return of my investment could be 300% if I managed to sell it now.

Lego Ferrari Investment Set

Another example that I can mention is the Lego Technic 42063 BMW Motorbike set that my brother bought me as a Christmas gift in 2017. He bought it for $55, but now (it is 2024 as of writing this article) since this set is retired, you won’t get it for less than $140. So, in 7 years, the price of this set has almost tripled.

Lego BMW Motorbike

The third example that I can mention will be my most recent experience. I’m sure you know the famous 2016 set, the Lego Technic 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. You could purchase this set for around $300, but since April 2020, this set got officially retired. This means that you can no longer buy it as a current Lego set. Yes, you can still buy it, but since April I haven’t found it for less than $730. I searched on both Amazon and eBay.

Lego Porsche Investing Set

How to Invest in Lego

My bet for best Lego investments are the premium Lego Technic car sets (yes, I’m a big cars fan), but you can get lucky with any other Lego set as well. From what I have seen, I can say that the price of most Lego sets usually doubles after it was discontinued by Lego. And as the time passes, it can multiply by 3 or more times (like my Ferrari set mentioned at the beginning of this article).

Also, in my opinion, you will have more success with selling your Legos stored in a not-opened, not-damaged and sealed box. It needs to be in its original packaging. So, my advice would be to not open the box, so that you can always sell the set as new. Another advice would be to find a good place to store it in your home so that it doesn’t lose value and keeps great condition.

And if you wonder which Lego sets to invest in currently, you can get inspired by me. I’m planning to definitely buy the Dom’s Dodge Charger Technic set by the end of this year. Overall, I would say that the wisest thing to do if you want to make a Lego investment, would be the following: You should buy a current Lego set that is not retired yet. Because these sets are always the cheapest ones. After buying it, just wait until it becomes retired and increases its value.

Other examples on how to make money selling Legos include investments into the Lego Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sets. These include, for example, some large Lego Star Wars spaceships collectible sets.

Or another option are Lego Seasonal sets. These are sets that are on sale only during a special season, for example, on Christmas or Valentine’s day.

You can check other article on my blog to view all current Lego sets to invest in 2024, selected from various categories.

Also, is a great website with resources dedicated to the economics of Lego. On this website, you will find even graphs of the expected annual growth of the price of all Lego sets.

Lastly, I’d like to say that I cannot predict how the Lego prices will evolve, so please don’t blame me in the future for wrong advice from this article. I’ve just summarized my own thoughts here. Also, the disadvantage of investing in Lego is that it can be quite difficult to find a buyer willing to pay $2,000 for a Lego set, so consider this as well.

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